Class Descriptions

Yoga Classes

Yoga Intro
In this class, basic anatomy is taught and how it relates to yoga poses and healthy movement.  Precise alignment is stressed so adjustments and modification of the poses will be made. This class starts slow but is progressive. It will build strength, flexibility, balance and focus. No experience is required.

Level 1
Introduces students to the fundamentals of basic Yoga postures (Asanas) and breath (Pranayama).

Level 1/2
Basic postures progress in intensity and difficulty. Appropriate for both levels of students.

Level 2
Appropriate for those who have completed Level I or have previous Yoga experience. Greater detail is given to the poses. Plow, shoulder stand and preparations for inversions are introduced.

Level 2/3
The basic postures and more advanced poses are taught. Inverted poses (head-stand, handstand, forearm balance) are introduced.

Level 3
Classes are for students with previous yoga training who are strong in standing poses and can do inversions and backbends with confidence. Subtleties are introduced.

This class is designed for those students who wish to begin or sustain a yoga practice at a slower pace than Level 1 classes.  Prop intensive, students use chairs, blocks, belts and wall to allow maximum benefit from each pose. Proper alignment is followed. Ideal for seniors, those who need extra time getting into and out of poses and those who fatigue more quickly.

Hatha – a blend of styles

Special Classes

Vinyasa (flow)
This class strings the standing poses together in a continuous cycle.

Yoga for Pregnancy
This class is designed to address the needs of women in the 3 trimesters of pregnancy.  Lots of attention is given to individual needs and many props such as chairs, belts, walls and blankets are used to make the poses more accessible.  This class will help women stay healthy and prepare for childbirth.  For more information, email Suzy or Jann at

Yoga for Parkinson’s and MS
Recent research shows that yoga is a powerful complementary therapy for neurological disease. Yoga improves balance, strength, and flexibility.  Never tried yoga?  No problem — you’re welcome.  We’ll help you learn yoga and develop your yoga practice.

Offered periodically:

Donation Class
A charity is chosen for the donations raised in class.

Pranayama (breath)
Exploring the role of breath in bodies and psyche.

Sutras (philosophy)
A comparative reading and discussion of the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali

Yoga Nidra / Restorative Yoga
During the practice of yoga nidra, which literally means “sleep of the yogi”, students are guided through awareness of sensations, emotions, and beliefs to a place of deep relaxation, mentally and physically paving the way to deeper levels of consciousness and awareness. This meditative class is conducted with students lying or sitting comfortably and requires no previous yoga experience; anyone can participate and be restored, recharged, and rejuvenated. Restorative yoga can be helpful for people recovering from illness, surgery, migraines and life changes such as pregnancy and menopause.