• Film: Mythos II (Part Three)

    Noble Film Night – Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 7 to 9 PM

    Film: Mythos II (part three) – The Tibetan Book of the Dead – Joseph Campbell, the late mythologist who became a household name among public television viewers in the 1980s, embarked on a series of final lectures for TV audiences before his death.

    Joseph Campbell: Hinduism and Buddhism are both efforts to relate people to their place in a cycle of existence that does not end until one transcends that cycle. Hinduism, Campbell says, is to Buddhism as Judaism is to Christianity: the older religions are traditions, while Buddhism and Christianity are “credo religions,” i.e., newer, “I believe” faith systems. Campbell spends some time discussing the development of Buddhism from monastic beginnings to its later appeal to millions of people, from an era of no images of the Buddha to the creation of beautiful sculptures of him immersed in transcendent consciousness.

    Campbell goes on to discuss, at length, the workings of yoga and their connection to increasingly sophisticated orders of love. (He also explains why the lowest cakras–pronounced “chakras”–are ruled by Dharma.) Finally, Campbell explains why the moment of death is the moment of illumination in Buddhism, and why the Boddhisatva of Compassion (i.e,, the Dalai Lama to some people) is so important. This is a wonderful collection underscoring how unique Campbell was to a Western understanding of the role of myths in our lives. –Tom Keogh. Requested Donation is $10.00. No will be turned away for lack of funds. Your greater generosity is always appreciated.