• Harry’s Run for Baltimore Intersection Charity

    Every year at Susquehanna Yoga we help a chosen charity.  This year we were able to do so through the efforts of one of our students, Harry Bosk, who will be running in the New York Marathon to raise money for the Baltimore Intersection.

    Baltimore Intersection helps inner city students change their perceptions about themselves and their communities. They do it through projects like clearing an abandoned city lot littered with crack vials and creating a garden with flowers, fruits and vegetables, convening a forum on the conditions of Baltimore City public school buildings that draws hundreds including political and civic leaders.

    Baltimore Intersection student Naomi Cornish said it best, Once I got here, it was like nothing I thought…we were talking about the community and I said yes. I need to learn how to change people’s lives.”

    I am running the New York City Marathon in two weeks to raise funds for Baltimore Intersection. Please support the Baltimore Intersection with a pledge to my marathon run.

    If you would like to donate, please visit this site.