• IYNAUS June 2017 Newsletter

    Sequence for Kurmasana

    This month’s sequence is shared by Siegfried Bleher (Intermediate Jr. III), pictured here in Kurmasana I.

    This sequence is appropriate for experienced students. If you are not familiar with the postures in the sequence, please do not attempt them without guidance from your teacher. We hope you enjoy this offering and can take the time to explore the principles explained by Siegfried.

    Siegfried lives and teaches in Morgantown, West Virginia. You can visit the website of Inner Life Yoga, where Siegfried teaches, at www.innerlifeyoga.com.

    Regional Benefits

    As a member of IYNAUS, you are probably also a member of a regional association. Many regions have their own incredible benefits for their members: grants, free classes, discounts, newsletters, annual gatherings, online resources.

    Please review YOUR region’s benefits to make the most of your membership. Also, read what your region is up to in this spring’s Yoga Samachar magazine. Then spread the word to fellow Iyengar Yogis. Let’s grow our community.

    And One More . . . The Essence of Guruji’s Teaching

    “Awareness is the servant or messenger of consciousness.” Read “The Essence of Guruji’s Teaching,” by Geeta S. Iyengar, an essay that was featured in Yoga Samachar in 2004. Enjoy!