• Noble Film Night – Saturday, June 14, 2014 7~9:30 PM

    Film – Naked in Ashes 

    A young boy follows a 5;000 year old Path. Instructed by Masters of an ancient tradition; he undergoes a secret initiation. He becomes a yogi. Renouncing everything worldly; they quest only for the Divine. On pilgrimage through the high Himalayas to the holiest bathing festival on earth; the Yogis are confronted by a chaotic world; Ultimately they immerse themselves in the waters of salvation.

    The recently released film documentary `Naked In Ashes’ directed by Paula Fouce is an absolutely breathtaking up close and personal look into the hearts and minds of the modern day Holy Men of India. Travel up and down the River Ganges and meet a variety of yogis, sadhus, gurus and sages as they dispense wisdom and forgiveness to mankind by performing austerities and rituals in an effort to combat the current dark age known as the Kali Yuga.

    I simply cannot say enough good things about this amazing production. The urban and rural cinematography is gorgeous, the interviews are insightful and filled with wisdom, and the camera positioning is so close you feel as though you’re on the spiritual journey as a participant, not a viewer.

    An added and unexpected plus in this documentary are some pointed, timely, possibly prophetic comments concerning the political climate of the country, the ongoing impact of the Kali Yuga on present day spirituality and the envisioned decline of ascetic life in India in the next fifty years. These insights interspersed here and there among the wonderful spiritual teachings conveyed in this film make ‘Naked In Ashes’ a truly intelligent, accessible, unique and important documentary.

    The film also contains a mesmerizing Indian soundtrack that adds intensity and wonder to the already exotic atmosphere.

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