• Open invitation to the Zen Garden in Druid Hill Park

    Good day my contemplative friends. This note/invitation is to all the local yoga and meditation groups I could find on the web (plus a few other interested parties).

    Below is a link to a story the Baltimore SUN was kind enough to run, about the stone labyrinth I built (dedicated to impermanence), and other work I’ve done in a somewhat remote corner of Druid Hill Park called “The Zen Garden.”

    What started for me as a quiet spot in which to meditate, has turned into my “samu” (zen work practice) AKA: divine obsession, AKA: labor of love.


    BUT NOW, the reason I really wanted to reach out to this greater community, is that I just built a 12X16 yoga deck! PLEASE come and enjoy it!

    To my delight there was a woman practicing yoga on it by herself this afternoon, just hours after I swept off the sawdust! Tatt almost topped the couple getting engaged there last week!

    This is not a DH Park reservable space, so just come when you like.