• Survey Results are in!

    Average age of Syoga students is 56, 3 women to 1 man, 3.5 married to 1 single
    You found our studio through a friend, driving by and on the internet.

    Half of you are on Facebook , half of you are not on Facebook
    3 of you Twitter and the rest of you do not!

    The top 3 things you read are the Baltimore Sun, The Towson Times and Baltimore Magazine, athough Style Magazine, Urbanite and Yoga Journal came in a close 4th.

    You have been doing yoga for an average 8 years, and have been at Syoga for an average of 4.6 years.

    The top 3 reasons you come to class are Stress Reduction, Physical Fitness and Way of Life.

    What is important to you are :
    Teacher’s knowledge, individual attention and class length

    What you’d like to have in lectures:
    more visuals and explanations, terminology, relevance to the current world, healthy eating/diet, other type of meditation, yoga sutras and how to start a home practice.

    What other classes you’d like to have:
    Restorative, Tai Chi/ Qi Gong, Pranayama, Pilates, and therapeutics

    Workshops you’d like to see at Syoga:
    Big teachers coming in, balance practice, advanced poses, shoulders, hip openers, inversions, meditation

    Website features you’d like :
    Updates on classes, events, cancellations
    Costs and policies
    Studio News
    Directors message. photos and links