• The Health and Wellness Conference last weekend with Dr. Weil

    I spoke at last weekend’s Health and Wellness conference given by the Integrative Medical Center of U. of Maryland Medical School. Dr. Andrew Weil spoke about his new book called Spontaneous Happiness. Here are some notes I took from his lecture: The Bio-Medical model is especially damaging in mental health because it means drug therapy. Counter- active medicines which are used in the mental health field are useful to get the person back to balance but then the homeostatic action of the body comes in and so the drugs must be stopped. But they aren’t. The drugs are used long- term with no idea of the effects.

    The definition of happiness is tied to fortune in the Norse language.  But I find the word contentment is more internal.

    Social isolation is the opposite of what our genes evolved for. Social connectedness brings increased health. The problem is that in our society we are getting more and more isolated due to technology among other things. Information overload is anti-thetical to mindfulness.

    It has been found that fish oil is very important to the nerve cell membrane. And Vitamin D is a factor in psychosis. Both need to be checked and if needed supplemented for good mental health.

    Eastern psychology shifts away from thinking or mindfulness while the Buddhist mindfulness is similar to the Yogic technique of being present. The Neuro-scientific work now being done shows that the way the mind is used changes the structure of the mind. This research is direct from that done with the Dalai Lama and the Monks meditating while hooked up to machines. This is the Non-physical changing the physical!

    It has been found that moods are contagious. 35% within 1 mile. Gratitude has been found to help with boosting mood, fighting depression. Forgiveness works too but is more complicated. Because Depression is found to elevate cortisone levels, it is now considered not a consequence of cancer but a symptom of cancer. Anti-inflamatory diet helps with depression.

    Anti- Anxiety techniques = Breathing.