• Understanding the Chakras – Saturday, October 4th 12:30 – 4:30pm

    Sponsored by Phoenix Reiki.  Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies, they are centers of activity for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life energies. This workshop (PDF Brochure) will cover an overview of the  chakra system and how it works; each of the seven main chakras; the life theme each represents, how to tell if the chakra is excessive or deficient and different ways to work with healing each energy center.

    This interactive afternoon includes a variety of exercises for working with each chakra including music, yoga and meditations. Chakra readings for each participant who would like one will also be included. The events is based on the book The Sevenfold Journey by Anodea Judith which will be available for sale.

    This workshop is $65 with a $30 registration deposit. To register contact Anne-Marie Revello – AMRevello@gmail.com, 443-286-5109.